Types of chocolate: a delicious and creamy journey

We all know that chocolate comes in a plethora of shapes, combinations, and tastes, but did you know that there are actually several different types of chocolate? Yes, you may already know a few, but the list is quite long. So, if you’re interested in broadening your knowledge about chocolate, take a look at the list below.

Chocolate liqueur

No, it’s not in a bottle and it’s not as sweet as the beverage you have in mind. This is actually chocolate in liquid form, before it gets mixed with other ingredients. This is a paste that contains grinded cocoa beans and cocoa butter (about 53%).

Unsweetened chocolate

This is nothing more than chocolate liqueur that was allowed to cool down and harden. It’s very similar to dark chocolate and bakers prefer it for baking as it’s a lot easier to control the flavor and sweetness.

chocolate_typesBittersweet chocolate

With a high content of chocolate liqueur (about 35%), the bittersweet chocolate is the taste you get when you eat the dark variation. It has high cocoa content, but it also contains sugar and cocoa butter and it feels heavy and creamy in the mouth. This chocolate doesn’t have any other fillings and is quite hard in texture.

Because there is no milk added to the mixture, the color is a dark brown, hence the name of ‘dark chocolate’. This is the variety most recommended by health experts because of the high cocoa content and lower sugar level.

There is also a variation of dark chocolate that is sweeter, but this only has 15% chocolate liqueur content. This is great for people who don’t like the taste and texture of the first variant.

Milk Chocolate

This is the variety we know and love ever since we were kids. The extra-creamy texture, the sweet, flavored taste and the brown color make it one of the most popular chocolate types. This type of chocolate has only 10% of chocolate liqueur and, besides sugar and flavors it has 12% milk content. Of course, milk usually means cream or milk powder.

Fun fact: before the invention of milk powder, this type of chocolate was only available in liquid form. Chocolatiers couldn’t find a way to properly solidify the mixture when using plain milk.

White Chocolate

Did you know that white chocolate doesn’t contain chocolate liqueur? It’s called chocolate because it contains cocoa butter and milk, but technically, white chocolate is not chocolate. However, the taste is quite interesting and sweet which makes it one of the favorite varieties for children.

The white color is obtained due to the lack of chocolate liqueur (the only way this color could be obtained). As a result of this characteristic, this type of chocolate has a higher melting point (the cocoa butter resists to higher temperatures).

And finally, this variety is not recommended by nutritionists because it doesn’t have any antioxidants or useful nutrients. It is purely a sweet desert and it doesn’t bring any of the cocoa properties with it. So, if you’re on a diet or want to eat healthy, white chocolate shouldn’t be on the menu.

These are the main types of chocolate but, did you know that chocolate liqueur is also used to obtain cocoa powder? The powder we used for cookies or to make chocolate milk is obtained by slamming hardened chocolate liqueur with a hydraulic press to remove the cocoa butter. The result still tastes like chocolate but has a lower fat content and is a bit more versatile.

Of course, chocolate can be combined in a wide range of ways leading to creative desserts that amaze both our visual senses and our taste buds. However, at the base of every masterpiece, you will always find one of the types described above.